June 2017: Ten things you should ask a man before agreeing to marry him

With wedding season upon us, here is a relevant article for all those brides out there to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. What obviously caught our eye was #5. 

“Is he having regular dental check-ups? Watch this one, seriously. What is yours will be his, and if he hasn’t been going regularly you’re looking at some serious financial outlay in the midlife years.”

Although the financial commitment of regular dental check-ups is a deterent to some, it can act as an investment for the future. According to the American Dental Association “Regular trips to your dentist are about more than just maintenance; they are an important preventative measure that will save you time and money down the road. Your dentist can catch early signs of disease, help you develop healthy habits, and be a vital part of your care team if you have an overall medical condition or are pregnant.” 

And remember it’s never too late to get your husband to be on the right track!

Dr. Lauren Vredenburg DMD
Calgary Fine Dentistry



Dr. Vredenburg