March 2017: Tips for caring for your baby's mouth

Caring for your baby’s teeth starts even before the teeth have come through the gums. Establishing an oral hygiene routine should start as soon as the baby comes home from the hospital by using a wet wash cloth to clean their gums. As their teeth do start to come in, effective cleaning of their baby teeth will greatly influence their oral health for years to come.

Effective cleaning of your infant and child’s teeth helps minimize pain from tooth decay (cavities). Dental pain can hinder a child’s performance at school as well as make it difficult to be properly nourished.

If a child does have to lose baby teeth early due to cavities it can lead to reduced space in their mouth for their adult teeth to come in. Healthy baby teeth can act as natural braces to hold space for the larger adult teeth.

And finally, one benefit that is a little harder to see is that good oral hygiene in a child’s mouth reduces the level of bacteria in their mouth. If a brand new adult tooth comes into a mouth that is poorly cleaned and has higher levels of bacteria it is more likely to develop cavities. 

Here are a few tips to give your baby’s mouth a great start!

Dr. Vredenburg