October 2017: Dental checkups urged for babies -- but many dentists are wary


Although seeing babies in the dental chair is not a lucrative procedure it sure can make a difference and WE LOVE SEEING THEM! According to Ray Stewart, a pediatric dental professor at University of California, San Francisco “By the time children are age 3, they are often so far down the road that prevention is no longer an option.”

"The guidelines calling for earlier dental visits stemmed from a growing awareness that cavity-causing bacteria can be passed from parents to babies, through shared utensils, for example. Giving babies bottles of fruit juice or sugar water also can cause cavities. Decay in baby teeth has been linked to adult tooth decay.

In addition to advising parents not to share eating utensils with their children, it is urged to not to let their kids fall asleep with a bottle of milk and to limit their consumption of fruit juice. He also says they should wipe their infants' gums and teeth with a cloth after feeding them to remove residue that can cause cavities.

To stave off a lifetime of dental problems and make sure parents learn how to prevent children's tooth decay, babies should have their first exam when they get their first tooth, or no later than their 1st birthday, according to guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry."

Unlike the dentists mentioned in the article, at Calgary Fine Dentistry we are very experienced in seeing and treating young children. The earlier we see them for their first visit, the easier it is for them to get used to the dental environment and the more impact we can have when discussing daily routines with the parents. 

Dr. Lauren Vredenburg DMD

Calgary Fine Dentistry