You can't blame your cavities on your parents... at least you can't blame the genes they gave you

You can’t blame your cavities on your parents… or at least you can’t blame the genes they gave you.

 A new study has found genetic makeup does not predispose people to tooth decay, however the research did find that children with overweight mothers are more likely to have cavities.

 “We found that identical twins, with identical genomes, have varying degrees of decay. This means that environmental factors, like a lack of fluoride in water, seem to be the prime cause of cavities not genetic makeup,” Stated Dr. Silva from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

“The relationship between maternal obesity and child tooth decay is complex. Perhaps the mother’s weight has a biological influence on the developing fetus or perhaps the risk of decay rises because of increased sugar consumption in that household.”

 Take away message from Dr. Silva: “It was important that people don’t think of tooth decay as genetic. If people think the health of their teeth is down to their genetic make-up, they may not be prepared to make important lifestyle changes.”,-new-study-finds