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With experience in all aspects of dentistry from simple fillings to porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, implants as well as extensive experience in TMJ bite therapy, we treat patients of all ages.  Dental health is integral to whole-body fitness, youthful looks and overall health. Optimal dental health requires an attention to detail and a wholistic approach to dental care.


To us this wholistic approach includes having your dental and general health concerns fully understood, working with you to uncover potential causes of dental breakdown and helping you achieve a lifetime of optimal dental health, optimal comfort and optimal appearance as a result.


Our initial examination is designed to investigate all factors that may contribute to dental breakdown. The doctor will meet with you first in a private consultation room so that she can hear your concerns. During the exam we thoroughly examine your teeth, your gums and the bone that supports your teeth as well as how your teeth fit or mesh together. 

If you get headaches or sore facial muscles, or have noticed that you clench and grind your teeth you may have occlusal disease (what is commonly referred to as a 'bad bite').


As part of your initial exam, we take a series of photos of your teeth as well as the necessary x-rays to help us understand what is happening in your mouth.

Usually your next appointment is with one of our highly experienced hygienists to start your cleaning, or more precisely, your periodontal therapy. 

At this appointment Dr. Vredenburg will also spend some time with you in the privacy of the consultation room discussing the findings of your dental exam.


Together we then develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs. We aim to have our patients keep their teeth until their 100th birthday! 


Calgary Fine Dentistry

Comfort focused hygiene appointments for proper care and maintenance of your oral health. 

Calgary Fine Dentistry

Meticulous General Dentistry including new patient examinations, x-rays, fillings, fillings, porcelain crowns & veneers. 

Calgary Fine Dentistry

Happy visits and gentle, ongoing care for Pediatric patients.

Calgary Fine Dentistry

TMD bite therapy for relief of tension headaches, prevention of tooth fractures and overall comfort improvements. 

Calgary Fine Dentistry

Various support tools and therapeutic practices to ease anxiety and make your dental visits more comfortable.  

Calgary Fine Dentistry

Quick referrals to our extensive network of trusted specialists when specialized services are required. 


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